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This New Stargazer Lodge in Bolivia Will Make You Feel Like You’re Sleeping on a Space Station

Some experiences are so unique they’re impossible to overlook.

A stay at Kachi Lodge in Bolivia is one such experience. Located in Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, the arid landscape can give you the feeling you’ve traveled to another planet. The only giveaway that you’re on Earth might be the towering Tunupa Volcano (and, if you’re an avid astronomer, the location of the constellations above).

The property is made up of multiple space station-style domes that were built for optimal stargazing; each geodesic dome has clear panels that provide unobstructed night sky views. But just because guests are sleeping in space-like structures doesn’t mean they have to do without. Each dome has a private bathroom, luxurious interior, and proper heating. The bed is centrally placed to provide optimal sky viewing.

Kachi Lodge is located at 11,800 feet, bringing stargazers closer to the star-packed night sky. Expert, on-site guides are available to educate guests on constellations, Andean cosmology, and ancient cultural theories about the night sky.

However, the property offers more than stargazing. Guests can hike to the lower lip of the volcano crater, explore a giant-cacti covered island, visit nearby archeological sites, and bike around the salt flats — all as part of their booking package.

Food is also included, and it’s something the resident chefs take seriously. The property is committed to using products exclusively from Bolivia to provide guests with the ultimate cultural experience.

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